May 1, 2011 :
yourEapps offers web hosting:

yourEapps has started offering web hosting to individuals and small businesses. With this launch yourEapps will provide a consolidated single-stop online offering to its customers.

December 31, 2010 :
yourEapps has a new parent:

yourEapps was bought by Prosoft Technologies, Inc, a Vermont based Corporation.

October 31, 2010 :
Host for ReliefPal:

yourEapps signed up to provide web hosting services to ReliefPal. yourEapps will host web site, provide collaboration tools and other applications to support back-end operations.

July 31, 2010 :
New offering:

yourEapps has started offering its applications to individuals. With this launch yourEapps will provide every one with affordable online solutions. Individuals will now have access to applications that were exclusively available to technologically savvy.

May 11, 2010 :
Partnership Agreement:

yourEapps signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Clean Technology Council based in Greater Los Angeles Area, California. Clean Technology Council will use applications hosted by yourEapps for its community members.

February 23, 2010 :
Partnership Agreement:

yourEapps signed partnership agreement with G&H Works, Inc. based in New York City, New York. G&H Works will offer applications hosted by yourEapps to its customers.

December 1, 2009 :

We are proud to announce the launch of Today's release is targeted at small and medium business market with the vision of becoming the leader in service provider of web based online applications in the next two years. provides an integrated suite of key business applications over the internet that will increase productivity, lower costs, and increase profits for small businesses and individuals. It takes advantage of the rapid growth in demand for remote access and the industry trend towards Software as a Service (SaaS) & cloud computing. SaaS provides a shared platform infrastructure and reduces overhead costs. core benefits to customers are low cost of ownership (Low Operating Expense), reduced overhead, Automatic upgrades, improves efficiency and 24x7 access from any part of the world.

We understand that small business segment is a very demanding and difficult market to be in, and there is no clear leader in the market despite multi-million dollar investment by large companies. We are hoping to bring a simple, efficient and affordable solution that will be of value to our customers and will lead to a greater market share for us. We seek your support and help to promote the company. Please introduce or direct potential customers to us.

August 31, 2009: project was started as a division of Gnesh, Inc.